In this video there are all the reasons why I love filming weddings. Happiness, Joy, Love, Friendship surround all over this amazing couple. It was such a blessing and a privilege to witness all that, and capture those amazing emotions that Sean and Clara genuinely gave me.

“There are no words to express how happy we were with Daniele's work. This was not a standard shoot and save process, Daniele was invested in learning about our lives, our relationship in every detail and, in the end, it was clear why. He was not just recording of our wedding, he was creating a film to tell our story. 

The words don't do it justice, I encourage you to go to his site and see the video (Brewis/Bucher Wedding) but the final product was like something out of a nicholas sparks film. The production quality, the attention to detail, everything was perfect. 

There are allot of things you spend money on in a wedding but the memories are the only thing you take with you when the day is done. 

Thank you Daniele for preserving our day so perfectly so we can have it the rest of our lives!!!!!”

Sean & Clara